It has the characteristics of high cutting precision, fast cutting speed, smooth cutting seam and low cost of consumables
The laser beam with high energy density is used as the heat source to melt the material surface and then weld it into a whole.
When the thickness of metal plate exceeds 20mm, plasma or fire cutting has more advantages than laser cutting.
Hebei Juliang Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of optical fiber laser cutting machine, laser welding and NC cutting equipment.
Focusing on the field of cutting and welding, after more than ten years of dedicated research and development and market training, Ju Liang people have successfully launched more than 20 specifications of products such as optical fiber laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, plasma / flame CNC cutting machine and various special machines, which are widely used in shipbuilding, steel structure, bridge, construction, mining machinery, automobile manufacturing and other industries.
Ju Liang products are not only widely used by well-known domestic enterprises, but also exported to Southeast Asia, Russia, Africa, Europe and the United States and other countries. Its superior performance and highly competitive price are unanimously favored by many users.
Gantry large format laser cutting machine
● Suitable for cutting more than 6m of whole board
● Laser power: 3000w-20000w
● Cutting format: 6m-50m
Handheld laser welding machine
Gantry plasma / flame CNC machine
The whole machine has the advantages of beautiful appearance, stable operation, fast cutting speed, high precision, smooth cutting, convenient operation and high work efficiency.
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